Friday, January 26, 2007

A Vote Against Tolerance.

What is that odd and unfamiliar smell? It's probably the smell of a professional athlete actually doing something worthy of admiration. He is speaking out against postmodernism's lack of absolute truth, and expresses other convictions to a vital community. Going into his 7th full season with the Houston Astros, Lance Berkman has never been quiet about his faith and his commitment to Christ. Berkman, a 4 time all star, is taking his faith and mission a step beyond press room acknowledgements of Christ as noted by Lance's new mission is to present his definition of a "Real Man" to high school athletes in the Houston area. Read on for a breath of fresh air... unless striving for a moral and God-fearing society is not your bag.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Presenting.... the new iPhone!

Wow!!! Apple has REALLY outdone themselves! This thing can do it all!

Take a look!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Debunked or not!!!

At last relief for those of us who need credible information before buying into the hundreds of forwards in circulation. is a website that addresses the credibility or lack thereof in today's Urban Legends, Email Forwards, and Water-cooler rumors. Enjoy.

Friday, January 19, 2007

White Lie... Confessions.

A couple of times a week I'll drop by the campus Starbucks to get a little pep juice. A few weeks ago I started to realize that there was more to my drinks than just caffeine. The good people working the counter had run out of the crayon-line tool they used for writing my name and drink order on the cup... now they used a bold SHARPIE. Every time I raised my cup to take a drink I also received a nose/head-full of Sharpie scent. Needless to say my coffee drinking enjoyment decreased greatly while the temporary high I was getting from marker inhalation was nauseating, numbing at best. Something had to be done. Simple solution right? Just tell the lady that it stinks and ruins the drink and to please not mark on my cup, right? Yeah, that would just be too logical for me. I chose the path less traveled. "Can I help you?" "Yes, I'll have a Carmel Machiato please." After she asked for my name she reached for the big sharpie and aimed it towards my empty cup. Crossroads...think quick Dathan! "Oh, Maam could you please not use a sharpie on my cup? I know it sounds silly, but I'm (pause) allergic to the smell." "Really?" "Yeah, I get pretty messed up when I come in contact with marker scents." "Wow, ok hun." You see, aparently I would rather misrepresent myself than just seem a little particular about my coffee. Smooth D, smooth. Since then, I've become somewhat famous at the small campus Starbucks. I'm told that the manager has been told of my "condition" and that the old crayon-like writing utensils have been ordered. New trainees are informed of my unfortunate allergy with careful instructions to use a ball point pen and that my name is spelled with a "D" and not an "N". Maybe I should come up with a condition get to the front of the line at Subway, or maybe I should just shut my mouth!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Apple Phone!!! Finally!

I know... huge nerd moment for me but I think this is the coolest announcement since the iPod!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Taser innovations

New and improved from the good people at Taser. Wow, it's almost too easy to own one. Imagine tapping a skiddish acquaintance on the shoulder for a surprise "HELLO!", only to wake up with upchuck on your face and a wicked headache. As much as the inner, and probably more dominant, child in me wants one, I feel I should probably be concerned about how easy it could to be for the average Joe or Jane, trigger-happy-paranoiac, to bring back the new electric old west.
With all that said... think twice before tapping me on the shoulder!

Abity Abity Abity... that's all folks!

You asked for it America... well at least the majority of you did. Madam Speaker, are you really saying what I think you're saying?

Gateway Pundit links an interesting historical comparison between the war in Iraq and Vietnam

Took this from Dr. M...